Campaign 15/16/17 Insights

helpful hints for Great Sales in C15, C16 and C17

Preferred preview Program

Another option for you to get product prior to introduction in the brochures and pre-sell and sample to your customers
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We are a Team of Achievers and Dreamers!

Our Team consists of so many Representatives all over the USA and we all encourage one another, motivate each other and share what works for us in the hopes that others can use something to help their Avon business. We Celebrate our achievements and advancements - This is a Great Business and we are glad you are part of our Team!
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Avon Web TV | What’s Hot at Avon in Campaigns 16 and 17

What's Hot for C15, C16 & C17

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Important Training right on your log-in page

New Representative Center

Your Journey Begins Here, !

Click on each header below and follow the step-by-step guide to get your business started.

These training's will help you in the initial stages of your business and you can find tons more training at Avon University - text or email me each time you complete a training - once you have completed 5 training's you will get a surprise in the mail - All of these will help you start a successful Avon business.

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Leaders to check out on Facebook

These 4 ladies are top leaders with Avon and hold a weekly call on facebook that is open to all Avon representatives - ask to join their groups

Molly Stone Bibb - her page is Live, Laugh, Lipstick

Theresa Paul -her page is Tuesdays with Theresa

Lisa Scolla - her page is Success with Scola

Lisa Wilber - her page is Lisa M. Whitten Wilber

they always have great things to share to help build your Avon business - Check them Out! and also check out our Team FB page Voyagers - we are a work in progress but the more joining the more feedback,input we can all get

Also on You Tube you can find all kinds of great videos made by Avon and other representatives on almost anything so check YouTube out also

You Tube Info for Avon

Here are just a few that are very helpful for starting out - and there a ton more!!!!
Make the most of Avon's 2 Ways to Earn and 2 Ways to Sell
Use Avon products to Sell Avon products!
Your Avon eStore Means Convenience
Make the Most of Avon's free eTools to Help You Reach Customers

Why don't you have customers?

Here is a great youtube video from Linda on the 10 reasons you might not have customers! Great input
17 Reasons Why You Don't have Avon Customers