Bondi Beach

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Eastern suburbs of Sydney. It is only 7 kilometres from the CBD.
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Descrption & Key Features

Situated within one of the world's most intriguing cities, epitomising the Australian lifestyle, broadcast internationally, Bondi beach is one of the most well known beaches in the world. The kilometre long stretch of golden beach, nestled in a sparkling bay, has long been celebrated for its iconic sun, surf, sand and community.

Why is Bondi significant?

Bondi is beautiful and beyond. It's significant because it's a pretty beach and very well known. It may also be significant because it has lots of nearby shops and activities to do. The weather is fantastic all year round!

Things you can do at Bondi

-You can take surfing lessons

-Take a coastal walk

-Enjoy bars, bistros, cafes, restaurants or hotels

-Attend one of the many year round events such as the City to Surf Fun in August or Sculpture by the sea in Oct/Nov

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Why should you go?

- To enjoy and relax a day after a busy week

- To have a nice day with the family

- To surf, swim or shop

- This is the best place to go for the summer holiday