Miss McDonald's Class

March 12th-13th


Students have been allowed to bring toys/Pokemon cards/ dolls/ etc. to school to talk about at share time and use at playtime. I am going to limit this to Mondays only. So, students are allowed to bring a SMALL object/toy to share with the class on Mondays. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

Nuts and Bolts


This week we worked on looking at the first two letters of a word to see if it was a blend. We hunted for blends in our books and shared what we found with our reading partner. Next week we will be reading through a word to make sure we are also paying attention to the ending of a word.


Students continue to share their How-To books. We kicked off our All About unit. Together we created a class book "All About Bald Eagles." Students made a list of topics they are experts at, these will become topics of their All About Books. We also are working on a class goal. "I can use a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence." We are working on using upper and lowercase letters appropriately in writing.


This week we worked on using attributes to describe shapes. Students are working with pattern blocks to make pictures and we continue our work on number combinations to 10. We are wrapping up unit 5 and will be starting unit 6 next week. Feel free to work up to page 136 in your Home Connections book. A new home connections book will be coming home next week.

Summer School

  • Those students/parents will then get a code that will allow them to sign up either online (fallsrec.org) or in person at the REC dept. office. Registration will not open until April 9th, so there is still time to do the above.

Forgotten Snack

We are running low on pretzels for our forgotten snack fund! If you wouldn't mind donating a bag for kiddos who forgot to bring a snack, that would be wonderful! Thank you!

Art Folks: Georgia O'Keeffe

Music Update From Mrs. J:

5K- Kindergartners are loving their energetic music times. March has been an exciting month filled with lots of singing, dancing, and moving! Some of our favorite activities this month have been “A-Me Limbo”, “Burnie Bee”, and “Dinosaurs”. We are having fun learning about steady beat and movement exploration each day in our music experience!

Upcoming events:

Wednesday 3/21- Parent Education Night "Stuck at Ready"

Friday 3/23- Hoops Night

Hoops Night Spirit Week:

Monday (3/19) PJ Day

Tuesday (3/20) Sports Day

Wednesday (3/21) Riverside/Ben Franklin Spirit Day or wear red

Thursday (3/22) Hat Day

Friday (3/23) Hoops Spirit Day or wear red

Parent Education Night

The next Parent Education Night is coming up Wednesday, March 21st from 6:30 - 8:00 pm in the high school media center. The topic is on executive functioning which are the skills of organizing, planning, executing, and controlling emotions.The presentation is applicable for all school ages students. Check out the flyer below for more information!

Help Support the Maziasz Family

Many of you know the Maziasz family. Their oldest son Carter is in our class and attended 4K in Kelly Skalla's class. In November, Carter's younger brother Lincoln was diagnosed with Leukemia. Many of you have asked about the family, how they are doing and how you can help. I wanted to pass along a fundraising website friends of the family have recently created. Thanks so much for your consideration!

Eagle Cam

Check out this clip of the class watching the Eagle Cam :)

We started watching two eagle cams this week (I started with one and we couldn't take it one day when it wasn't working so I added another!) We started with the Minnesota Eagle Cam When we began watching, it only had one egg, we were so excited when a second egg joined the nest! We also have been watching the D.C. Eagle cam currently there aren't any eggs in this nest, but we are in high hopes that some may be laid soon!


In your child's folder you will find information on access to Scholastic's digital library. Students can look at and read books on a tablet or desktop. This is a great way to keep students engaged in reading at home. Feel free to document this reading on your monthly Book-It sheet, and/or on your child's yellow reading log that comes home in their reading baggie. Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Our New District Website

Please take a look at our new district site!


It may look a little different, but everything is a lot cleaner and easier to find! Take a peek at these short two-minute how-to on site navigation and features: https://vimeo.com/album/4889211