By Renee and Rhea


Netiquette is a skill you need that priovides you skills to prevent bad habits appearing when you are social networking. These are some rules that will teach how to have exceptional netiquette skills.

Rule No.1

Use a strong password

Just in case someone tries to hack into your account they probably wont be able to detect any clues about your password.

Rule No.2

Reliable Sources

Do not believe everything you read online. Make sure the infornmation is similar to a number of other websites. This ensures you that your information is correct.

Rule No.3

Private Information

Make sure that you are not giving other people on social networking sites, your private information. As they can use this information against you and track you down.

Rule No.4

Think before you send!!!

You must think about what you have written before you send it as it may offend others, even if you didn't mean it, that way.

Rule No.5

If you wouldnt say it to their faces, don't say it!!!

If you wouldnt say something to the persons face then it doesn't make any difference on a computer screen.

Rule No.6

Inappropriate and Illegal Posts

Make sure not to post any illegal or inappropriate things anywhere on the internet as it may hurt or offend others feelings.

Rule No.7

Private profile

Make sure you don't post your private things on the internet as someone might track you down or try to rob you.

Rule No.8

Stranger Danger

Make sure you know the person before you accept their friend request as they can abuse your private information.

Rule No.9

Permission to Publish

Remember to make sure that it is ok for you to upload any pictures or information about other people, as they might not want other people to see it.

Rule No.10

Follow these Rules!!!

Make sure that you abide to these rules, that we have listed as it may save you from alot of sadness and trouble!!!

Guaranteed to save alot of trouble