From Cows to Milk

By: Mohammed AIabo Mohammed


Do you know where milk comes from? It comes from a cow. Read below to learn how it happens.


Cows drink water and eat grass and hay. This helps the cows to make milk. Then the farmer milks with a machine. The milk goes into the tanks. Then from tank to a semi then takes it to a factory.


At the factory they put in containers. Some milk is made into other products like cheese or butter. Milk is then taken to the grocery stores to be sold.


Milk can be found in half gallon or gallon sized jugs. People use milk for drinking, in their cereal and in cooking. People like to drink milk because it a healthy drink that provides good nutrition.

Fun Facts

Some people use milk for bath and beauty. Also, milk makes cheese, butter, sour cream, ice cream and yogurt.


Now you have learned how to make milk