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1846-1848 Official Campaign

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Annexation brings out the worst in people... but not Sam Houston

"It is our policy to hold out the idea that we are very able to sustain ourselves against any power... Yet I am free to say to you that we cannot do it." Houston said. He admits that not all the power is his. He surrenders if there is no other option, but not when he can dominate.

*Cha Ching* Texas Debt comin' along your way

"We are too far in debt to do anything else but reduce." Houston said. Lamar would have opposed Houston. Lamar would kill for victory. But not Houston.
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Vote for the 5th president now! Hint, hint: Houston's the real deal!

Vote for the mighty, humble Sam Houston! If you want to know more about him, check this link out.

About Sam Houston

All about Sam Houston!

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He was the first and third president of Texas, elect him for 5th!

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Sunday, Jan. 4th 1846 at 9-11am

Rio Grande

IMPORTANT: The very tip of the top part of the Rio Grande is where we will be meeting. For your convenience, there will also be another ballet for the same cause in Washington. The colony will invite you along the borders of Washington, don't worry, you'll find us! See you soon!
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