Collins Newsletter 4.14.22

Mrs. Cebula's Weekly Update

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School is Closed Friday April 15 - April 22

We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday, April 25th.
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Ask Your Child About...

K - Addition number stories and number sentences.

1 -
What we learned about plants and how our seeds in the “Sprout Houses” are doing!

2 - What the difference between consumers and producers are. When have you been a consumer or a producer?

3 - Which animals they chose to represent their family on their totem pole creations

4 - Midwest region capitals!

5 - Division and multiplication of fractions!

Geologic Time and the difference between Era’s, Periods, and Epochs

Themes of Because of Mr.Terupt

Art -Kindergarteners are building a "kindergarten." Ask them about all the uncommon materials we used to create our flowers. To see some finished examples check out @art.with.mrs.ferrell on Instagram.

Music - 3rd graders - Ask about our new note on recorder!

PE - Push-up hockey (muscle endurance) and jogging/pacer (cardio). 2 components of fitness (2-5). Tunnel tag and balloon volleyball and teamwork (K-2).

PTO Hosts Collins Multicultural Night

Collins Annual Multicultural Night planning is underway and will be held on May 17th from 6:30-8pm with a rain date of May 24th. It’s always the highlight of the year where you can take a “World Tour” of different cuisines and cultures that represent our Collins families. If you are interested in representing your culture or country with food or an activity at a table, participate in a fashion show or performance, please contact one of our co-chairs for the event:, or


Please make every effort to have your child in school by 7:45. There have been many late arrivals in the most recent weeks. Please note three tardies does equate to one absence.


Friday April 15 - April 22 - NO SCHOOL