Hi my name is Nadege Joly

Applied Behavioral Science/Psychology

Advancing my education in hopes to work with abused women and children

I currently work as Office Administrator and have for over 15 years, I returned to school after 20 years to pursue my passion of helping women who have been in abusive situations. My mission is to help them take charge, rebuild and strengthen their lives one day at a time. I am nearing the end of my studies and look forward to not only obtaining my degree but to attend the commencement ceremony and finally accomplish something I've wanted to do longer than I can remember. I want to also show my children that it is never too late to follow your dreams.

My passions

I am a mother of two wonderful children, I love to travel and cooking is my favorite hobbies. My mom is my role model and best friend, she is my biggest supporter and inspired me to go back to school so I could pursue my dreams of counseling and encouraging women.

Never give up

We have a choice of how we view the obstacles on our life path. One choice makes us slaves to circumstance, while the other empowers us, and motivates us to follow our dreams - and our happiness.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie