white tigers

by ewan

where they live

Russian ,sibirian desserts ,northestern porshon of india white tiger sightings through out china they usauly found in Russia and swamps forests and jungles too.
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mmm bison

white tigers will eat almost anything here are some things it eats. bour, chital, sloth, bears, pythons, including bison!


leangth 5 to 6 feet height 2 to 6 to 3 feet weight 240 to 500 pounds liter size 2 to 4 average life span 8 to 10 years in wild 10 to11 in captivity.

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usually solitary tigers reach mariaty
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their locaitoin in russia

as we know they live in russia. but what lociatoin? heres a map to show you were.
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food web

we know what some of the things they eat but their is more. since its so long to say here is a food web pictue to show you what it eats