By Tristan

Volcano Formation

Have you ever wondered how volcanoes form? One way volcanoes form is by the movement of tectonic plates. Another way volcanoes form is lava peaks through cracks in earth's crust. Lastly, magma forms and rushes to earth's surface creating a volcano.

Harmful Volcanoes

There are many times volcanoes have been harmful. In 1981Mount St Helens exploded, taking it's whole cap off killing thousands of animals. Another way volcanoes have been harmful is when Mount Vesuvius exploded covering the whole city in ash. Lastly, Mount Vesuvius exploded killing over 5000 people. These are just a few ways volcanoes have been harmful.

Volcano Looks

Have you ever wondered what a volcano looks like? At the bottom is the foot of the volcano, which leads to cities and towns. On the inside is lava, which is melted rock. On the outside is lava overflowing to burn the town or city to ash. That is what a volcano looks like.
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Under Water Volcanoes

An under water volcano's life cycle is amazing. First, a small volcano emerges on the ocean floor. Second, lava builds up, increasing its size. The lava can't be seen. Lastly, as eruptions continue,the volcano emerges to the ocean's surface and forms an island. That is the life cycle of an under water volcano.
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Staying Safe

I have some cool facts about how to stay safe if a volcano is near you. If you want to stay safe, you should have a first aid kit. Another thing you should have is a car for a quick get away. Lastly, you should have a mask and goggles so you don't breath in acid.


Ash- it is fire when it burns out