Barry sanders

He'll juke you out

Barry sanders childhood

Barry sanders grow up in wichita kansas. He when't to witchata nouth high school.His dream was to get in to the NFL.And win the super bowl he was born 1968.

barry goes pro

He made the NFL he was on the lions he was a running He won the super bowl in colliege he won the hismen trophey.Was in the all star game to.


He averged 1500 yards a season.He played 1989-1998.He is still alive.


He got 15,269 before he retared.He rushed 1478 in last seson.He has some record rushing yards.

barry now

He has 1 son.He has 2 brothers and a sister.Barry sanders is know one of the best running backs of all time.Read to find more
Barry Sanders career highlight