Learning During Winter Break

Some fun things to do while you're on break!

Exciting Activities for Students over Break

Here are some fun links and activities for students to do over break. Students chose what they wanted to share with you and what they wanted to work on. They will also have a bag of books that they are bringing home to read over break. These books were hand picked and the kids are excited to bring them home!

Hour of Code

Visit code.org for lots of coding activities! Everyone is familiar with this site as we used it for Hour of Code last week.

Greg Tang Math Challenge

Check out Greg Tang's New Year's Math Challenge at this link! During the break, students can go to gregtangmath.com to complete the activities on the attached game board. Every child has a game board that they can complete over break if they'd like to! This is a fun way to make time for problem solving over vacation.
Greg Tang Math Challenge

Practice your math skills and take the challenge!

Playing Math Games with your Family

Play some math games (using the tools in your Home Math Box) with people in your family! If you don't have the game boards, you can find them on our classroom website. Just click on the button below to find them!

And....Don't forget to READ your books you brought home!

Remember, you brought home 5-6 books from our classroom and the Dublin Library to read over break! It is so exciting to have a bag of books that you can read at any time!