By: Oesya Evans Jr.


Benjamin Franklin as a child, he always wanted to be educated and became smart and I mean really smart but does he become a somebody or a nobody? Ben still educated himself by reading lots of books . When he was 17 years old, he ran away and started his career in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ben became a sole owner of a printer shop and he was a part of politics.


Benjamin was born in Boston,MA and was the youngest boy out of 17 children!! He was born January 17th, 1706. His family is poor by the way. So when he was the appropriate age he went to school for 2 years. Sometimes I ask myself how can a person that smart go to school for 2 years. After 2 years of school he read lots of books and became really smart. Then he worked at a candle shop with his father Josiah Franklin. When he was 14 he became an APPRENTICE brother. An apprentice is a under study but will he be a successful apprentice?


Wait ...So what happens next ? Ben still educated his self after not going to school for 11 years. He read lots and lots of books and mastered French,German, Italian,Spanish and partially mastered Latin. He became a skilled printer. Later on in his life he became part owner of a printer shop. Ben was known as a HARDY person because he worked day and night, and day and night. He wrote the first famous newspaper called " The Pennsylvania Gazette". He called his self "Silence Dogood". Ben is a great printer but will he be a printer for the rest of his life?

Founding Father of America

Four years later, Ben became a sole owner of the printer shop. Afterwards he became a part of the Congress. Ben married the love of his life Deborah Read. Ben became famous for the poor Richards almanac, the lightning rod, and an efficient heating stove. Ben had 3 children Francis Folger Franklin, William Franklin, and Sarah Franklin Bache. Benjamin helped Thomas Jefferson with the Declaration of Independence. That's how Ben became a founding father of America.


Ben became somebody successful!!!!! First, he greatly educated his self. Second he was a hard worker. Lastly he became a founding father of America and got married to the love of his life he died like a boss. There was lots of ups in his life . Like when he Thomas Jefferson with the Declaration of Independence.


  • apprentice: a person who learns a job or skill for a fixed period of time for some one who is very good at that job or skill .
  • hardy: strong and able to accept difficult conditions.
  • politician: someone who is active in government usually as an elected official.


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