Coding 3

MP4 Week 9: Final Project

Space Odyssey Program Submission

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Click Here: Space Odyssey Remix

Missing some code? Click here to check out the completed program and/or remix the program to your stuff! Remember, YOU need to add a variable to keep score for full credit!

This Week!

Submit the link to your Space Odyssey Program! (20 points)
  • Missing some code? To help, click on the link above to remix the program to your Scratch profile. However, you still need to create a variable to keep score!
Keeping Score! (30 points)
  • Make sure your Space Odyssey Program contains at least 1 variable programmed to keep score!
Click Here: Using a Variable to Keep Score

Need a refresher on how to keep score using a variable? Check this out!

Need Extra Credit?

Extra credit points will be awarded based on creativity!

For example you could:

  • Draw your own space suit for Scratchy!
  • Change the sound effects!
  • End the game by changing backgrounds!
  • End the game by getting Scratchy out of his space-suit (remember there are two costumes programmed into the game)!
  • Make the game harder! (Collect more energy strings or increase the ghost effect!)

Don't need Extra Credit but you have a creative program?
  • Creative programs will be featured in our Scratch Studio!

Next Week!

Last week of the school year!
  • Sharing and reviewing!
  • No Chats Tuesday 6/2 due to the end of year picnic! Hope to see you there!

*Please feel free to attend another chat if you miss your chat on Tuesday!
All Done? Click Here!

Congratulations on Creating Your First Epic Scratch Space Odyssey!

See you in Cyberspace!