Pine Class News

May 22

Figuring out How to have a Longer Recess

On Monday we realized that for some reason we weren't having enough time for recess the way our schedule was. We used unifix cubes to represent the 45 minutes we should have for snack and recess after music time. After talking through how long each transition and activity should take we came up with the perfect schedule. We decided when were lining up we should only talk if it helps us line up faster, we should hold hands when we walk and we should eat snack outside to minimize set up and clean up time. We tested out our schedule on Friday and it was a success.

Trip to the Whitney Museum

On Tuesday we went to the Whitney Museum. We had fun exploring different styles of portraits.

Ask your child, what was your favorite piece of art that you saw while there?

Integrated Unit

This week we shared all we know about urban and rural areas. In order to compare and contrast urban, suburban and rural areas we needed to figure out all we knew about these areas. We knew that we lived in an urban area and we went to a rural area last week when we went to Snow Hill farm. We were able to use our observations to help us and came up with a pretty long list of what we knew. After we go to Hastings-on-Hudson this week we will do the same for a suburban area and compare and contrast our three graphic organizers.

T-Shirt Factory

Last week each group counted how many t-shirts they had in total in their box. We took this number from each group and tried to figure out how many t-shirts we had in total in the Pine room. As a class we realized that adding all these 2-digit numbers was very difficult but we were determined to figure it out.

Share the numbers each group had with your child and see if they can add them all up. (Hint: we figured out the answer was 368)

Next week we will look at the number of t-shirts Elm has and figure out how many the second grade has in total.

Connecting Math and the Integrated Unit

A couple weeks ago we looked at a variety of foods to figure out where in the world it came from. Last week children asked, "Why is everything made in China?" To see if they were correct we looked at different articles of clothing to figure out where they came from. To connect this lesson to our math unit of t-shirts we looked at the t-shirts we had in the boxes in our classroom. We found that the compass shirts come from three different countries: Haiti, El Salvador and Honduras.

After realizing this we wanted to figure out what is actually made in New York State. With your child try to find something at home that was made in NYS. Either have your child bring it in to school or take of picture of it so we can try to find the town or city on our NYS map.

Upcoming Trips

Hastings-On Hudson

Thursday, May 26th, 8am

134 Southside Avenue

Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

We are still looking to bring additional chaperones on this trip. Please let us know if you are interested.

Hiking at Bear Mountain

Tuesday, June 14th, 8am

3006 Seven Lakes Drive

Woodbury, NY

We are still looking to bring additional chaperones on this trip. Please let us know if you are interested.