Anna Merchant


1.Biomass comes from organic material that comes from plants or animals. Examples include wood, crops, animal manure, and sugarcane.

2.Equipment needed to collect this energy sourse are trucks to bring waste from factories, timber harvests, and farming.

3. Biomass affects the enviorment by helping close the carbon dioxide cycle, releasing methane gas, and soil erosion.

4. Three positive things about biomass are useing up waste materials, it is cheap, and doesn't produce harmful mercury or sulfur.

5.Three negative things about biomass are difficulty, produces greenhouse gases, and cause pollution from fertilizer to run off into water supply.

Select a Country: Germany

I believe the country of Germany would benefit the most from using biomass as a main energy source because it can be used for heating, electricity, and fuel. Most energy sources like solar or wind power can only be used for electricity. Your country could get the appropriate materials needed for this source easily because Germany is the greatest producer of wood in Europe. More than half the country is farmland. 2.1 million hectares of land are used for energy crop.