By Caidan and Oscar

Examples of Brasils Art

Brasil's art is usually graffiti.People from other countries also bring in there culture and combine it together for beautiful art.

Brasil's customs and traditions

Soccer is a big tradition in Brasil.In Brasil 18 year old teens can drink and smoke.Women are generally expected to take care of all general house hold chores.Brazilians are usually dressed up.

Brasil only has one language

Brasil Has Many Different Religions

Some Religions Are.....

1. Catholic

2. Methodist

3. Protestant

4. Episcopal

5. Pentecostal

6. Lutheran

7. Babtist

This is Brasil's Government

Brasil is governed under the 1988 constitution as amended.Their president is head of state as well as government.He is elected by popularity and serves four years and two terms.

Brasil's Economic Systems

Brasil's economic freedom score is 56.6.The score is 0.3 point worse then last year.Brasil is ranked 21st out of 29 countries.
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