Ms. Arsenault's Weekly Update

November 15, 2013

Exponents Project:

Because of the field trip this week, I am extending the Exponents Project due date to next week on Friday. Students should be working on this project at home and coming to school with questions.

Exponents Test:

Several students have not finished the test that was given on Tuesday. I offered Wednesday and Thursday morning, Thursday afternoon and Friday during extended homeroom to finish. At this point, if a student did not take advantage of the previous times, they will need to finish during silent lunch.

Please be on the look out for these tests to come home on Monday. If your student did not master the material on the test, a reassessment plan will be attached. The plan will need to be signed by you and your child, and returned to me on Tuesday. Students participating in the reassessment will need to successfully complete the reassessment assignment before taking the test again. Please be aware that there are two parts of the assignment. One is in the book, the other is attached to the reassessment plan.

Saturday School

Several students were invited to Saturday School again this week. I will be there to help with any questions they may have. Just a reminder, there are only two Saturday School dates left after this weekend. One is on December 7th, and the other is on December 14th.

At Risk Students:

I will be making phone calls/emails to parents who have a student at risk of failing the semester next week. If your student currently has a failing grade, they are at risk. There are several things they can do to help themselves.

To improve grades:

Reassess quizzes

Reassess tests

Complete missing assignments

Make use of a tutor

Attend help sessions

Khan Academy

Study vocabulary

** The biggest problem I see on tests/quizzes is that students have not memorized vocabulary/formulas/rules. It is essential in 8th grade math that they memorize these things to be successful.

Next Week:

This week we dove right into equations. We reviewed previously taught concepts such as fractions, decimals, and one-step equations. Next week we will be covering multi-step equations as well as equations with a variable on both sides of the equal sign. Students must be fluent in fractions and decimals to be successful with this material. If your student is struggling with these concepts, please have them visit Khan Academy to practice. We will be testing on this chapter the week that we return from Thanksgiving break. I will be accessing my email during the break, so if your student is needing to ask me a question, please email me and I will do my best to get back to you/them as quickly as possible.