Verona's Perfect Match


Romeo Montegue

Bio: Hey girl, I lost my dove call.....can I have yours? I was looking at my typewriter and found out that "I" and "U" are already together, even though my parents probably won't let me talk to you

Things I do in my Free Time

I like to flirt with hot madams and give them my dove call to let them hit me up. I like to listen to Verona's hottest polka music and I do some polka dubsteps, too. I like to hit up the b-ball courts, too, got kicked out of Verona cause I ball too hard

Some Pictures

More About My Life

I used to be quite the basketball player before I got to know my last lady friend. That picture is of me in my prime.

What I Want in a Girl

<----That's my action shot. I want a girl who's as hot as me, so good luck girlies. Don't send me letters or fake death, last time I didn't get the letter and I kind of died, sooo... The girl has to be willing to let me murder her cousin. She also has to be willing to disobey her parents for me.


Back to the day I got married by Friar Lawrence

I died

Wednesday, April 1st 1503 at 10pm

In the Capulets Tomb

I drank poison and died. End of story.