What is study help?

If you're under 24 and you don't have qualifications at level 2 or above (GCSE or equivalent) you'll find that many courses are provided free. If you're unemployed you'll also be able to access free training in specific subject areas to help you get back into work. If you want to do degree level study, please see the section on higher education below.

It can also helpful for vacation also it can give information of place where you want to go. It can also give us a map and say how much days or hours it took. it can also give a root go right there. you can get the information of anytime and anything.

It can also helpful for teachers also if teacher can forget there answer key it can also give you answer.Mastering the art of studying for tests is a difficult and arduous task. Cook Counseling Center recognizes that this is an area that many students struggle with, particularly those students who were able to coast through high school on talent alone, but have realized that that won’t cut it in college.

In the navigation to the left you will find a copious amount of study skills, tips, and techniques that will promote various aspects of your overall learning and study skills. Whether your problem is concentration or just needing to reassess your study environment, Cook Counseling Center has provided the resources to help.

The study and learning skills programme comprises 13 videos with interactive lessons at the end of each. You can watch the study and learning skills videos at any time on any device and you can get regular reports on your progress. Each video and lesson takes 5-10 minutes to complete. They can be done in one sitting but are most beneficial if spread out over a 1 -2 week period. All the skills taught are easy to use and can be implemented immediately.

Individuals can purchase direct access to the study and learning skills programme and multi-user licences are available for schools and colleges. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for assistance.And also this is a free app.