All about SILICON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Basic information

It's name is silicon, it's atomic number is 14, the symbol is Si, and the atomic mass is 28.086 amu. The number of protons is 14, the number of neutrons is 14, and 14 electrons.

It has four valence electrons and is in the 14th group of the 3rd period. Four physical descriptions are that it is a metalloid, has a boiling point of 4274 Fahrenheit, has a melting point of 2557 Fahrenheit, and is a solid at room temperature.

Reaction & Different Uses

Silicon reacts with oxygen to create silicon dioxide, and also water to create silicon dioxide. It does not react well with most acids, but can be dissolved by hydrofluoric acid. it reacts with bases such as aqueous sodium hydroxide to give silicates.

Silicon also is used in glass, bricks, some cosmetics and hair conditioners as lubricant, and silicone rubber can be used as a sealant. It can be found in quartz, rock crystal, amethyst, agate, flint, jasper and opal, all of which named can be used to make jewelry.

Background Info

jons Jacob Berzelius discovered silicon in 1824. It was first produced in 1811 as an impure form, then in 1854 it was produced as crystalline silicon. It is not found free in nature, but is in the form oxide and silicates as well as other silicate minerals.