Scientific revoultion

A new way of thinking about the natural world

What Was The Change?

The change of life and of the universe . It showed us a new way of thinking , build things for advancement , medicine and the discovery of chemistry . Which has made our world today as advance as it could be .

Who Were The People Associated With The Change?

How Did The change Impact Society At The Time ?

How Is That Change Evidence In Today's Modern Society

It change our modern society to more advance. The scientific revolution made us learn more facts about science and we learned many new things . See bacteria , See outside of this great world , make instuments to see things that we usually can't see , make medicine to survive in this world from harsh diseases , learn chemistry which change how science was looked at. All these great things we have learned from these great scientist and their theorys made our world the way it is today . You never know , if it wasn't for these guys , we would probably think still that the earth was in the center of the universe.