Makey Makey Circuits

What conducts electricity?

MaKey MaKey - An Invention Kit for Everyone


Closed Circuit: a complete circuit that allows the flow of electricity

Open Circuit: a circuit that is not complete and through which no current can flow.

Electrons: part of an atom and is the primary carrier of electricity in solids

Conductive: material that is able to carry electricity through it.

Non conductive: material that is able to resist the flow of electricity.

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MakeyMakey Components

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Getting Started

  1. Get in a group-sign out a laptop and a MakeyMakey Kit
  2. Go to this Smore from the DMS website to use the links below.
  3. Find a game/activity from those listed below.
  4. Plug in the MakeyMakey to the laptop with the USB cable.
  5. Use the alligator clips to connect to the needed keys and to the elements of your choice (playdough, pencil drawings etc.)
  6. Always include an earth clip to complete the circuit.

Keep Improving

What makes for a good controller?

What other items would make better controllers?

How creative can you get with your controllers?

Try other games and other items.

One Button Games

Arrow Key Games

Two or More Button Games

More Information about Electricity