High School Observation

Where Young Minds Take Flight

A Glimpse into The Future

High school is a very tough time for all kids, no matter what their social class. Majority of the student body is working hard or just trying to get by enough to achieve a high school diploma and the really ambitious students are preparing for that exciting new adventure, called college! When I walked into East High and Southeast High schools, nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced....

Every Light Comes From Somewhere

During my four years of high school, I never got that connection with any of my teachers, I hated didn't like learning or sitting in class. I grew up in a small, country town and missed out on what would've been a real high school experience and as a result, always associated high school with boredom and hate. The diversity, the options, the athletics and the learning opportunities that these kids get to experience is all so rewarding, but the passion, the dedication, the responsibility and care that these teachers put in to teaching, for these students to take an interest in learning is the icing on top of the high school cake! Observing these teachers interact and give to their students really gave me the push I wanted to reassure me that the path I am taking is indeed the right one. Yes, these teachers have a curriculum that must be taught, but all eight of the teachers, I had the privilege to observe, taught the lessons in their own way, a way that was comfortable and fun for them, a way that got all of the students involved and talking. To see high school students take a real interest in their work, in their teachers, shows me that there is and always will be hope, that no matter what level these kids are being taught, whether intervention, honors, college prep, etc. they can be reached, with the right guidance!