The Desert Storm

By Molly and Skilar


The cause of the desert storm was Iraq hitting Kuwait with Blitz Kreg or lightning war and quickly taking over.


The desert storm had a huge effect on America. It storm affected the fair distribution of oil. It also opened up many new jobs for the citizens of America. This helped people get lots more money because there were a lot of jobs opened.

Where did it take place?

The desert storm took place in Iraq, Kuwait, Persian gulf, Saudi Arabia, and in Israel. Or in other words, the middle east.

Economic advantages

There were a few main economic advantages. One is the desert storm war stopped economic threats. Another is that the Desert Storm was fought out of inventories, and America paid for it all. The Desert Storm opened a lot more jobs.

Modern day connections or examples

The desert storm affected modern day life, by making the distribution of oil fair. It also affected the amount of jobs, because we had more money, to pay employees, and be able to pay off businesses.

Key People

Iraq and the U.S. were the key states, and the key person is Norman Swarzkopf. You will find more info on him on the next paragraph.

Norman Schwarzkopf

Norman Swarchzkopf was born on August twenty-second nineteen thirty-four, in Trenton, New Jersey. He died, on December twenty-seventh two-thousand twelve, in Tampa Florida. He was a very famous U.S. commander in the desert storm. He was famous for his straight forward attitude and short temper. He was one of the most important commanders because he lead one of the most important commanders because he lead one of the most lopsided victories in war in modern warfare.