By:Lilly Kottak

How does "Expansion" impact society?

Google’s definition of “expansion” is the action of becoming larger or more extensive. In saying that I believe expansion highly impacts society. It impacts in ways such as politically, morally, economically, and all sociologically. The more rights people expand on the more and more conflicts start to arise. And conflicts tear people apart in so many ways. Like the whole problem with the slaves.Slaves were able to sneak outwards onto what we call “free land”. This was not a problem with abolitionists and slaves, but it was a true and in depth problem with the slave owners. That caused some major conflict, and it caused the Fugitive Slave Act to be passed, which then caused even more problems. The Act said if you found a runaway slave you would have to turn them in or you would be fined. People had to choose to go against their whole lives morals or to stick with it and deal with the consequences.Expanding simple rights such as slaves in conclusion impact a society in big ways.

What do a nation's policies reveal about their values?

Values means the true importance of something.Our simple laws impact our perspectives. Our actions as a part of a society impact on how people view us. Different communities and countries might see us in a bad way if we make bad decisions as a whole. Like The Women's Suffrage Act and the 19th amendment addition to the United States Constitution. It shows that we take pride in women, and believe that they are equal to men. Also they have smart minds, and make a good addition to our society. That policy shows we have fair nice and simply moral laws, and other people might believe that we have a good strong society because of this.

How might leadership decisions be viewed from different perspectives?

I think everyone has a slightly different view and or perspective. I do think one may have similar ideas as another but not exactly the same. I think individuality is something to be appreciated. One example of this is with President Obama. He tried to ban Military assault weapons for our safety. Well some people viewed this as a great plan of action, and a good move upon the U.S. But others thought it was rude and crude, and it was not necessary, also people that owned these were not very happy about giving them up. So in conclusion we all are different and have our own opinions.

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