AoP Tech STEM Lending Library

Get to know the STEM Lending Library!

What is the AoP Tech STEM Lending Library?

The AoP Tech STEM Lending Library allows for AOPS Elementary and Secondary Schools to borrow STEM device and equipment for cross-curricular classroom integration. Teachers and students will have the opportunity to utilize or pilot a wide array of equipment that focuses on engineering, coding, digital storytelling, virtual reality and more!

The STEM Lending Library helps to close the digital divide to bring access to advanced technology equipment to AOPS classrooms! Locations for the 2019-2020 school year are at Lansdale Catholic and the Brother's House at Archbishop Carroll

STEM Lending Library Fast Facts:

  • A school may request/borrow only one device at a time
  • A school may borrow the device for a 1 or 2 school week period
  • A school community should utilize the STEM Lending Library to facilitate and support a STREAM cross-curricular approach
  • The coordinating educator will meet with an AoP Tech Technology Integration Coach for personalized support in the usage of the STREAM model and integration of the technology
  • Upon return, all devices will have a one week refresh to allow the AoP Tech to ensure devices are in good working order and allow for planning meetings
  • Both borrowing educators and building administrators will be required to fill out evaluation forms upon the return of the devices to continue utilizing this program
Location 1: Brother's House at Archbishop Carroll

The Brother's House is on the campus of Archbishop Carroll High School in Radnor, PA. Reservations from the BH location will run in 1 or 2 week periods from Thursday-Thursday. Items borrowed from this location must be returned to here.

Location 2: Lansdale Catholic High School

Reservations from the Lansdale Catholic location will run in 1 or 2 week periods from Tuesday-Tuesday. Items borrowed from this location must be returned to here.

Step 1: Preview the STEM Lending Library Devices and Availability

Visit our website to see what is available in the STEM Lending Library and preview the device availability. Device availability calendars show the availability at each location.

Step 2: Fill out a Device Request Form and Schedule Pick Up

Beginning September 16th, fill out the Device Request Form for the appropriate location to request a device. Please allow 48 hours for a team member to reach out on availability and scheduling.

Step 3: Meet with a Coach for Pick Up and Planning

When picking up the device at the appropriate location, educators will meet with an AoP Tech Technology Integration Coach for approximately one hour on the following:


Now the fun begins! We encourage schools to try new tools, lesson ideas at different grade levels, and cross-content collaboration to make the most of your borrowing time!

Step 5: Return the Device

All good things must come to an end - but the learning doesn't have to! Return the device to the appropriate location, with all parts and in good working condition, as scheduled with the Technology Integration Coach. The educator and administrator will be emailed a follow-up Evaluation Form. Both the teacher and administrator are required to fill out this form, within two weeks of device return, for the school to continue participating in the program.
Visit the AoP Tech STEM Lending Library Webpage

Our STEM Lending Library page contains important information and links to the following resources: Availability Calendar, Device List, Reservation Request Form, Device Breakage Agreement, STREAM Planning Template, and the Evaluation Form.