By: Olivia Emerson

The Mayans

The Mayans were from Central America, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras. They would build pyramids, because they were polytheists and pyramids were one of their art structures/buildings and they also used and developed hieroglyphics. The Mayans invented a calendar with 365 days on it and they also made hot chocolate. They had four classes Priests, Kings, Merchants, Slaves. They made these classes to keep order in their kingdoms. They would farm to get food and water and so they grew corn and they would dig canals for water.

The Incas

The Incas were a tightly controlled government that was mostly made up of one out of the two which was the noble group the other group was called the commoner group. The Incas had invented quipu which was a math system and they would perform blood and brain surgery and they were the very first ones to do blood and brain surgery correct. They lived in South America, Peru, Andes Mountains, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, and Columbia. For art and buildings they would make palaces and the made Machu Picchu. They had no writing systems, but they did have quipu for math and for farming they would raise Alpacas and Llamas. They were also the very first to harvest potatoes.

The Aztecs

The Aztecs lived mostly in northwest of the Mexican desert, but you could also find them at Tenochtitlan and Lake Texcoco. Their art and buildings included pyramids, temples, and cities and for writing they used pictures and symbols. They also used books for writing too. Their government were mostly empire and 6 to 12 million were empire instead of commoners. They had invented popcorn and chinampas (floating gardens). They lived on very swampy land, so they had very little level land, so they made chinampas for farming.