Middle School Message

September 2, 2022

Our mission: We are a community of learners inspiring each child to explore, grow, and achieve.

Message from the Principal

The weather looks beautiful for our three-day weekend. Enjoy a restful Labor Day on Monday and we will see students back in the building Tuesday morning at 7:30 am!

Our 7th graders learned about conversation skills this week. They were challenged to introduce themselves to at least ten adults. Challenge your student this weekend and see if they can introduce themselves or appropriately start a conversation. They did great around the building!

School is starting to fall into a regular rhythm. Part of that rhythm is this newsletter. My plan is to highlight things in this first message section each week, and then more detailed information is below. So as you read, just know you can scroll down for more information.

We have 7th and 8th grade home football games on Tuesday, as well as home volleyball games on Wednesday. After-School Choir starts this week. Student Council applications went out today. Our first Club Day and Kona Ice visit will be this week. Encourage your child to be involved and try new things! Middle School is a great time for growth. Plus, research shows that students who are involved are the ones most likely to succeed!

Finally, ICU began this week. ICU is intended as a way to give students more time or more help to complete their work. The goal is 100% assignment completion for every student. If your child gets placed "on the ICU list" it just means they have an incomplete assignment--it could be missing or not quiet up to par. You as a parent will get an alert for each assignment that gets placed on this list. Your child will have several opportunities to get the assignment done. Some get it done with just the extra reminder, some utilize Leaders and Learners time, some utilize lunchtime, and at parent request, we can provide help after school for those who need it. If your child ends up on the ICU list, they should not receive a consequence--but rather a conversation about a plan to get the work finished. As you just read, we have plenty of opportunities for students to do their work. (Now parent-to-parent, if they don't do their work after all that, then consequence away. I just want to clarify that going onto the ICU list is a first step--so please do not panic when it happens.)

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs. Corum

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A fun tradition at LMS is "Clubs Day". Once a month on a Friday, students will be able to attend a club. They voted on their choices during Leaders and Learners this week. Clubs range from board games to crafting to flag football to baking and more. The idea is for students to be able to build positive relationships with staff and other students whom they might not normally see during class. Sign ups for clubs is structured in such a way as to discourage students from just signing up with their friends. The idea is to meet new faces who share a similar interest. In the past this has been a highlight for many students. Our first Club Day will be next Friday, September 9th, and then after that it will typically be on the first Friday of each month.

Some of our clubs require supplies and traditionally teachers have funded clubs from their own pockets. This year we put together an Amazon Wishlist and if you would like to contribute to Club Day, you can purchase an item off this list. You should be able to have it shipped directly to the school and we will distribute those to the appropriate teachers. Thank you in advance for your support!




The faculty and administration of Lakewood Middle School believe that school attendance is one of the best indicators of student success in school. Regardless of the reason for an absence, each missed class diminishes a student’s success. Did you know that missing just one day per month is the equivalent of missing two weeks of instruction over the course of a year?

Per HB 410, student absences are calculated by hours and will be coded as either an excused, unexcused, or medical.

Calling off your Student:

If your student is going to be absent from school, please remember to call them off of school. You can reach the office at (740)928-8330. If you are calling before 7:30am, please feel free to leave a message. There are times where multiple calls are coming in and your call will be directed to voicemail.

Pre-Planned Absences (Vacations or Appointments):

Anytime you know an absence is coming up, please notify the office in writing. These notes can go directly to the school secretary, Mrs. Robinson. Students can come to the office in person or parents can email her at carobinson@lakewoodlocal.k12.oh.us.

For vacations, administrator approval is required and we ask for at least 10 days notice. Please submit vacation requests to Mrs. Robinson and she will give your child the correct vacation paperwork. Again, students can come to the office in person or parents can email her at carobinson@lakewoodlocal.k12.oh.us.

Parent Teacher Organization

Interested in volunteering for our PTO? Our PTO currently consists of one teacher. We need your help!!!!! Fill out this form to express interest.


Staff Spotlight

Mr. Jason Boland

Mr. Boland is the Assistant Principal here at LMS. He has worked here for 18 years, first as a Language Arts teacher, and most recently as Assistant Principal. You will see him greeting kids every morning and afternoon behind the building during parent drop off and pick up.

His favorite thing about LMS is the overall family feeling you get from the staff, and how our students really do appreciate the one-on-one relationships we build with them during their time with us.

Favorite color: My favorite color is blue

Advice for parents about dealing with middle school age kids:

The middle school age time is a challenge for students. They are trying to determine who they are, who their friends are, and where they belong within the various social circles. Students are going to have ups and downs, but we have to allow them to work their problems out with their friends, peers, and even adults as this will build the foundation for future problem solving interactions well into adulthood.

Fun fact about yourself:

I would love to move to Utah so that I could spend my time outdoors exploring all the west has to offer.

Mrs. Carmen Robinson

Mrs. Robinson is the Building Secretary. If you call the building or buzz our front door, you will most likely be greeted by her voice or face. She has worked at LMS for over 20 years during which time she has worked for six principals. She's still breaking in Mrs. Corum!

Her favorite thing about Lakewood is that they become your "family". She gets to meet so many awesome families.

Advice for middle school families -- this too shall pass. These are not easy years to be a parent. Lead with your heart.

Fun fact - I love to make quilts. We are going to be adding to our family in October. Otis the donkey will be moving in with our 3 cats.

Fall Basketball League

Interested in playing in a Fall Basketball League? Games will be on Sundays and the league is open to students in grades 3-12. The league starts September 25th and runs through October 30th.

Proceeds benefit the Lakewood HS boys basketball program.


After School Choir

After School Choir will start practicing on Wednesdays after school until 4 pm. Students who are interested need a signed permission form from a parent. Students will be dismissed out the front doors of the building at 4 pm on these days and should have a ride waiting in the front lot for them. There will be a choir concert in December that students will be invited to participate in.
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Kona Ice

Our first Kona Ice day is this Thursday. To pre-pray for a treat for your child:


The names of 30 students who earn Lancer PRIDE certificates each month will be pulled to receive a free Kona Ice during lunchtime. If you pre-pray, and your child is chosen, we will credit them for the next month.

Upcoming Events

September 5 -- Labor Day--No School

September 6--7th/8th Football (5:30 pm/6:45 pm)

September 7--7th/8th Volleyball (5:30/6:45 pm)

September 8--Kona Ice Day

September 9--Clubs Day

September 20-- Fall Picture Day

September 21-- 2 hour delayed start, drop off after 9:15 am, school starts at 9:30 am.

September 28/October 4--Parent Teacher Conferences, 2:30 - 6 pm

October 7--8th grade visitation to CTEC

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Table Talk: Questions to Get Your Kid Talking

These questions came from our Social Studies teachers this week:

8th Grade-How did European exploration affect the Americas?

7th Grade–How does geography influence societal decisions?

6th Grade--What is your learning style and how do you think the pretest went?

If your child is in Mr. Frischen's IT class, did they send you an email this week? It should have had an appropriate subject line, greeting, and closing.

Repeat Information (everything below was shared last week)

Important Back to School Information

ProgressBook and Schedules

Student schedules were created over the summer to accommodate student's academic needs and desired Unified Arts electives. While we take student preference into account for electives, please note that you may see an elective on your child's schedule s/he didn't sign up for. Please encourage your child to try something new and keep an open mind. Unfortunately we do not do schedule changes unless your child's schedule is broken (meaning it is missing a core class).

You can view your child's schedule, grades, and attendance in ProgressBook. ProgressBook should be live and active for the year at this time. Once you log in, click "Schedule" under Student Information. You will then be able to see the assigned classes on the left and the teacher's name on the right. Throughout the school year, you'll also be able to view current grades and assignments anytime!

For parents/guardians who are new ProgressBook users, please click the link below to read the information under ProgressBook Parent Access. If you need a registration key to create a new account or you have trouble logging in, our school secretary, Mrs. Robinson, will be happy to assist. You may contact her at carobinson@lakewoodlocal.k12.oh.us or call the school at 740-928-8330.

Note: New account registration keys will be available Friday, August 12th in the afternoon.


7th Grade Immunizations Required

There are several mandatory immunizations that your child is required to receive prior to 7th grade. Please turn in an updated vaccine record for your child to the school office, attention Amy Morrison, district nurse.

Lakewood Athletic Events

We encourage all students to attend athletic events and support their friends and classmates. Middle school students gain FREE entry to all middle school athletic events. However, they are required to purchase tickets to attend high school events. New last year, all tickets must be purchased online (no cash at the gate). If you child plans to attend high school athletic events, please pre-purchase their tickets here: https://www.lakewoodlocal.k12.oh.us/LancerAthletics.aspx

Get Involved!

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, "Recent research suggests that participation in extracurricular activities may increase students' sense of engagement or attachment to their school, and thereby decrease the likelihood of school failure and dropping out (Lamborn et al, 1992; Finn, 1993)." Here at LMS, we encourage all students to find at least one activity to become involved in. We have plenty of offerings for them! Here is a list of many of our offerings so you can begin talking to your child about what they may want to try this year:



Cross Country







Fine Arts:


Choir (Class and after-school)


After School Clubs:

Student Council

STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math)

Future City

National Junior Honor Society


ICU (Intensive Care Unit)

Committed to Practice by Completing Every Assignment

At Lakewood Middle School, we do not accept incomplete assignments. Our teachers spend time crafting assignments designed to help your child learn and grow. Therefore, we believe it is imperative that every child complete every assignment. We will provide them the extra time (or practice) they need to complete every assignment.

If you child has a missing assignment or an assignment that needs additional practice, then he or she will be placed on the ICU list. What does this mean?

  • As a parent, you will receive a notification.
  • Students are given the opportunity to complete the assignment on their own.
  • Students are provided additional time within the school day (during Leaders and Learners or lunch typically). During this time, they will be provided with help by one of our ICU Lifeguards who will support them in assignment completion.
  • If needed, you as the parent have the option to request that your child stay after school with one of our lifeguards for more assistance.
  • As a parent, you will receive an additional notice when your child has completed the work.

ICU is not meant to be punitive or embarrassing to any student. It is designed to help every child succeed. It also means no surprises for Mom or Dad when it is time to check grades on Progressbook. You should already be aware if your child has been struggling to turn work in on time or completely done.