Playing Soccer

All The Places I've Played Soccer

Playing in Jefferson

I've played soccer in Jefferson for as long as I can remember. I have scored many goals throughout the years. One of the best parts is playing with you friends. One of my favorite coaches from Jefferson was coach Sam. Our practices were short and fun, usually ending in what he called a “skirmish” or scrimmage.

It felt so good walking onto the bright green grass. The swamp near us also added a nice effect, with trees on three sides. Every game the popcorn from the concession stand smelt so good. And on top of all of that, the drive was only about ten minutes across town.

I’m not sure why, but i always do get a little bit nervous at the start of each game. You would think after six or seven years of playing that I wouldn’t.

Playing in Fort Attkinson

This year was my first year playing soccer in Fort Atkinson. When I got to the first practice, I was very nervous and excited, because I didn’t know many of my teammates. My coach is a nice and funny guy, but he knows when to get down to business. One of the first things I noticed was that the field was much larger than in Madison or Jefferson. Throughout the past nine weeks, we’ve had some very tough opponents, but we managed to stick right with them. I’ve scored by far my three longest goals ever this year, all from free kicks.

At our first home game, I realized just how big the field is. The goals were also a bit larger than the goals I was used to. To fall on the grass even felt good because it was so soft. Just like Jefferson, Fort also had a marsh nearby, but it made the whole field tilt slightly. It wasn’t noticeable while playing, although you could definitely tell by looking at the field.

Playing in Madison

Playing soccer in Madison was definitely a unique experience. It took 45 minutes to get to the field, but it always seemed like it took hours. Before every game as my team was walking onto the field, I would get very nervous. I was the only American on the team. Everyone else was Mexican. We were a very good team and won almost every game. I could always hear the humming of the cars on the highway. The smell of the food stand near the field smelt so good. Little kids were always playing on a smaller field close to ours. Feeling the grass under my feet is always the best feeling ever.