Toms Fashion Custom Tailor Shop

Behind the scenes with Tom’s Fashion

With more than three decades as Bangkok Tailor, Tom’s Fashion has finally revealed what goes behind the scenes in making one bespoke tailored suit. All of us have different fashion statement and we all want to own a garment that complements our true self. According to the individual needs, they create a well tailored suit after following certain process that they have to go through.

Initial consultation

The first step is asking you about your tailoring needs. For that you must book an appointment with the Tom’s Fashion Tailors, either by a phone call or by filling an online form on the official website. And for the foreign clients you can check the schedule for the visiting tailor and reschedule accordingly. Well this is a very easy step to follow and it is followed by a visit on the date of appointment. The Bangkok Tailor offers you the possible recommendations for the select of fabric, fit and design. The discussion can help you believe in their tailoring skills and totally rely on them.


Once everything is clarified then they get to the measurements. You can negotiate on the length and how fitted or loose you want your suit to be? Where should the cuts be? How many breaks do you need in your trouser? They can conduct more than one measurement session to get the perfect fit.

Making of the suit

Well you cannot get all the details in this step, it better remain a secret. Although you can get a sneak peak on the macro processing. The fabric is laid out and the appropriate cuts are made on the cloth according to your measurements. If you still have any doubts you can pay a visit to try on the semi-finished suit and make adjustments.

Finishing touches

After the unfinished suit is tried on by the client, it’s time for little adjustments here and there. Don’t get worried if you see rough white marks on the outer fabric or some long stitches, they are temporary. The suit is re-stitched after the necessary changes like the sleeves length and the collar width etc.