by alice

The things that describe me

They can be friendly and respect to one another and help them when they need the help.

And someone that going to be there for me when I need them and going to help one another.

And am funny and a good person to be around and always going to treat you right even when someone does me wrong because am going to be a good person and do what am suppose to do.

My personality

Yes because it tell people how I really am and what I do and I have a lot of moods but and I also have a great since of human and I usually get alone with most of everybody. And I will respect who ever me to but and then I don't get alone with everybody and I do have my ups and down.

Career Path

Can help you with career planning at every stage: from your choices of subject and major in school to choosing you first career to advancing in your organization or changing careers later in life.

Learning Styles

It help people find out more stuff about you and you can tell people more stuff to help them find more stuff.

famous people

Michael Jackson,Bruno Mars

Common Traits

When health care professionals understood personality type they have a constructive frame work for better understanding what both the patient and family members need.