The Wright Brothers

Chloe Foster

Mini Bio of Wilbur and Orville Wright

Wilbur Wright was born April 16, 1867 in Millville, Indiana. Wilbur was closer to his brother Orville than any of his other siblings. Wilbur was a bright and excelled in school. Wilbur was going to go to Yale but in 1885-1886 Wilbur was terribly injured in an ice hockey game, hockey stick to the face, Wilbur then stayed inside most of his life messing around and creating things with Orville.

Orville Wright was born August 16, 1871 in Dayton, Ohio. Orville was the complete opposite of Wilbur, always messing with things and getting in trouble. Orville later dropped out of high school and started a printing business.

Later, Wilbur and Orville went to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, going in determined

and actual pictures so they went and experimented with different parts trying to figure out how to make the plane stay up and travel. After they figured out how to make the plane go up but, now they have to make engines so the planes can go up in the sky and travel places.

Wilbur died May 30, 1912 at age 45.

Orville died January 30, 1948 at age 77

Thanks to these very smart guys we can now travel the world.

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The picture is of the original Wright Flyer in 1903.
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