Cell City tour guidelines

Touring the cell city

About the city

There are many things to do in our city. There are also many cell like building or things that why we call it cell city. In this guide you find what is there in our city and its functions. You will also learn about cells and its organelles. Our visitor spot is always open, so visit us soon to see the wonders!

Tourist attractions

Other cell building

The top business building

If you looking for business here then come to us because business building is like ribosomes because we do works here for the city. The workers are also call ribosomes because it is their job to carry out the manual labor to the city and that what ribosomes do for the cell. The business building has almost every job there is.

Facts about the cell city

City parts

The water tower hold water like the vacoule and you can float forever in there. The post office is the golgi apparatus because they doing packaging and shipping goods to other parts of the city. The roads are the endoplasmic reticulum because roads carry things to places. The chloroplasts is the solar power plant which they asborb the sun enegy. The cell membrane is the city limits.

City Hall

The City is the nucleus in the cell, it control everything (boss).