Walker Beginner Band Information

Meetings and registration May 31 & June 2

Hey Mom or Dad, Can I join band? Sound familiar? One of the most positive experiences you can offer your child is the chance to be a part of our band program. Your students' cooperative talents, self expression, coordination, self discipline, poise, sense of accomplishment, self confidence and creative mind will all be nurtured through their study of instrumental music.


D181 Band directors visit the students twice in their general music classrooms. Students viewed a video modeling an instrumental music program. Middle school students demonstrated the individual instruments to all 4th graders at a school assembly.

How are students matched with instruments?

At school, during the week of May 23-27, each student will have individual interviews with the band director to check physical characteristics (tooth alignment, lip size and shape, finger length, hand size and arm length) to help determine a good fit on the instrument. We always start with the student’s preferences. Students will bring home a certificate with their suggested instrument and score on our listening survey.

How do I find out more about the band program?

There is an Informational meeting for all interested parents (particularly if this is your first child in the program) on Tuesday, May 31st in the Clarendon Hills Middle School Band Room at 7:00 p.m.

After a brief presentation, registration will take place and Quinlan & Fabish will also be available for you to make rental arrangements. You will have the opportunity to ask questions; our goal is to help you decide if playing a band instrument is right for your child.

How else can I register for band?

We will also have Open House on Thursday, June 2nd anytime between 4:00-8:00 p.m. in the band room at Hinsdale Middle School.

What if I can't attend the Informational Meeting or Open House?

Visit our Band website at: https://sites.google.com/a/d181.org/district-181-beginning-band/home then click on “4th Grade Parents”. Just download the two forms we need, scan or take a picture and email them to Mrs. Golden at ngolden@d181.org for Monroe, Lane, Prospect & Walker Schools or Mrs. Stibich at lstibich@d181.org for Elm, Madison or Oak Schools.

If you'd rather, you can drop hard copies of the forms in the designated basket in the CHMS main office.

What will my child need to get started in band? And where do I go?

  1. an instrument (most families rent to start)
  2. two books: Tradition of Excellence & Winning Rhythms
  3. Smart Music software - we will collect $40 for this in the fall
  4. a folding music stand or piano to hold their music during practice sessions

Quinlan and Fabish, located in Burr Ridge, was selected as the music store that offers the highest quality instruments, service, and accessories to the students at the best possible cost. Click here: http://www.qandf.com/store/instruments/band-rentals/ to make arrangements online. You are free to obtain an instrument from any source you like, but we ask that you please use the brands listed on our website, click here: http://tinyurl.com/jd884mp


We need your band registration card and combined band permission slip turned in by Monday, June 6th.

When will my child receive/need their instrument, Smart Music and books?

Instruments rented through Quinlan & Fabish will be delivered directly to school for the first band lesson in September. If you make other rental arrangements, your child will need their instrument, accessories and books for the first lesson in September.

Whom shall I contact if I have further questions?

Mrs. Golden at ngolden@d181.org for Monroe, Lane, Prospect & Walker Schools or Mrs. Stibich at lstibich@d181.org for Elm, Madison or Oak Schools.