By: Axl Hoepner

land and climate

honduras coveres 43,278

honduras and cuba are almost the same size but honduras is a little bigger

honduras produces gold silver copper and zinc

honduras has 0 volcanoes

the weather there is temperate in the highlands and subtropical in the lowlands.

some mountains reach 9000 feet.

honduras is very nice in tempature.


the myans lived in honduras until 1800 A.D.

natives fought the spanish until 1539.

honduras became independent in 1838.


honduras is very poor.

62% of people in honduras live in poverty.

people in honduras are underpayed.

honduras is in large foriegn debt

vacation plan

Day 1

Get on airplane fly to Rotan Honduras

Go on a jungle zip lining tour= $90

Eat at restaurant at hotel=$16

Go to bed

Day 2

Wake up

Eat breakfast at hotel=$14.50

Discover scuba diving=$200

Lunch at street vendor=$12

Go shopping at stores=$?

Dinner at hotel=$18

Go to bed

Day 3

Get up

Breakfast at restaurant=$12

Dolphin swim=$220

Lunch at hotel=$10

Shop at a store=$?

Dinner at restaurant=$20

Go to bed

Day 4

Wake up

Breakfast at hotel


Lunch at hotel=$14

Extreme zip lining=$130

Dinner fancy restaurant=$30

Go to bed

Day 5

Wake up

Eat breakfast at hotel=$14

Rest (watch TV, do laundry, nap)

Lunch at restaurant=$15.50

Horseback riding tour=$130

Dinner at hotel=$20


Day 6

Get up

Breakfast at restaurant=$25


Lunch at hotel=$20

Southwest cay=$100



Day 7

Get up

Pack up stuff

Check out

Fly home

Get home eat dinner


travel costs=$2248.90

lodging costs=$1062

meals costs=$380.16

activity costs=$970

shopping money left over=$2338.94

overall trip=$7000



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