Ring-Tailed Lemur

Norfolk Junior High, By Stasi Bryde

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Nursery Rhyme

Cow Jumps To Moon

We have breaking news involving Goopum the cat, Feviba the cow, Buchken the little dog, Logew the dish, and Podifur the spoon. It all happened on the clear full moon night of May 15th. Goopum the cat was fiddling, when Feviba the cow got so excited from the fiddling she jumped to the moon. Buchken, the little dog, giggled and laughed all through the night of this horrendous tragedy. Logew the dish was so frightened to see such a sight, he abducted the innocent Podifur the spoon. Our prime witness, Buchken the little dog says, “It was such a fun experience!”...This just in, we know how this odd phenomenon happened. It appears that it was a nursery rhyme and we all know that anything can happen in a nursery rhyme.
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Feature Story

Too Much Technology

by Stasi Bryde

It seems like technology is everywhere these days and no one seems to know the dangers of their devices. Adults always want to reply to texts right away, even while driving, which can be a danger to themselves and others. While arguing online, people can get caught up in the moment and say something to the person they wouldn’t say face to face. Students homework isn’t getting done, because they are distracted using facebook or twitter. “Why go out with real friends when I have hundreds on Instagram!” Mental diseases can be caused by too much technology such as phantom ringing syndrome , feeling your phone vibrate without it showing any notifications, or nomophobia , the fear of being without your phone or losing connections. People feel sad when their friends don’t text them back right away. The average person spends 3.9 years of their lives looking at their phones. Phones have 18 times more bacteria than the handle of a public toilet. Over 30% of the time spent on people’s phones are spent of social media sites.
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Stasi Bryde went to Norfolk Senior High School and participated in Band (playing Phillepe the trombone) and orchestra (playing Fred the piano.) Her high school job was a coffee barista at Java Pointe, so she could get a discount hot chocolate. After high school, Stasi went off to the University of Idaho to major in business. Her first job after college was working as a designer at Village Flower Shoppe. When she turned 40, she still worked at Village Flower Shoppe, but as the owner and plans to work there until retirement. At 40, she still wears her turquoise Columbia jacket and is as gorgeous as she was in 7th grade. Stasi did marry and has two kids(Mary Jane and Eliza), one cat (Marlin), one dog (Bill), one llama (Tina), one chinchilla (Holly), *deep breath* one ferret (Penelope), AND A PAARTRIDGE IN A PEEEEAR TREEEEEEEEEEEEEE (Jack is the partridge, Willy is the tree.) She still lives in Norfolk, Nebraska in her childhood home writing her interesting book series, The Jello Man. Stasi’s hobbies include taking care of her garden, crocheting, and in her spare time unicycling for her local circus. When she was asked what big plans she was planning, she said that she is planning to buy two ring-tailed lemurs, and will name them King Julian and Mort. Her plans for traveling is to travel to Alabama to see the sights of the wonderful state. This is now the end of her story because she doesn’t want to answer any more questions from the reporters.

The End

this story was proof read by: Mrs. Schnoor

movie review

The Book Thief

This movie is great for reasons you wouldn’t expect, it is great because it is based off of the BEST BOOK EVER! The movie is PG-13 because it has many German swears in it and for its emotional roller coaster from beginning to end. This movie also happens to have a great cast, Sophie Nelisse as Liesel Meminger, Geoffrey Rush as Hans Hubermann or Papa, Emily Watson as Rosa Hubermann or Mama, Ben Schnetzer as Max Vandenburg, and Nico Liersch as Rudy Steiner. The Book Thief took place in Germany during World War II on Himmel Street in the Hubermann household. The moral of the story is to not judge a book by its cover. By the way, now as you know the movie took place in World War II and Hans being the caring man that everyone knows him as, takes in a Jewish man named Max Vandenburg. Max and Liesel get to know each other and become unlikely friends, but when sickness strikes, Max Liesel finds a new hobby of stealing books from the mayor’s wife. This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this great movie. If you want to find out the rest, read the book and then watch this great film.
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