The Roaring Twenties Women

By: Cynthia Paramo 7th


The roles of Women in the 1920s varied. Most women remained housewives. However, the number of working women increased by 25%.

Women in the 1920s did things women regularly didn't do. They smoked cigars,drank alcoholic beverages, and wore whatever they desired. Their actions made people view them differently.

The events of World War I made women question traditional morality and values which resulted in the rebellious behavior. After a hard time women began to wear makeup, shorten their skirts and have a wild time. They went out more, they felt the need to have a man.

In the 1920s the US senate passed the 19th amendment and women gained a lot of freedom and rights even the opportunity to work. They were also given women rights. With their rights the women wanted to make social changes and be a big part of the US government. This caused a huge decrease in votes and participation from the public mostly men.


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