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The exact cause of Alexander's death is unknown, either he died of malaria or was poisoned.On May 29 Alexander attended dinner with a close friend. He dranked alot in the day-long event. Alexander complained that he didnt feel well so instead he went to bed. Alexanders health steadily deteriorated as a fever wracked his body. Since he was too weak to leave his bed ,Alexander the great and the great conqueror of the world died ten days after he was beggining to feel his symptoms. Historians have debated the issue for a long time, attributing it to poison, malaria, typhoid fever or other maladies. What is agreed upon is that the Macedonian king died in early June 323 BC in Babylon while suffering a high fever that had lasted ten days and sadly died. Unfortunatly his empire was carved up by his generals and soon disintegrated after he died.Throughout the centuries suspicions of possible poisoning have fallen on a number of alleged perpetrators, including one of Alexander's wives, his generals, his illegitimate half-brother or the royal cup bearer. Calanus was likely to be a Hindu Naga sadhu, whom Greeks called gymnosophists. He had accompanied the Greek army back from Punjab, upon request by Alexander. Calanus was also mentioned by Alexander's admiral, Nearchus and Chares of Mytilene. He did not flinch as he burnt to the astonishment of those who watched.Before immolating himself alive on the pyre, his last words to Alexander were "We shall meet in Babylon". What a coincidence that when he said that Alexander the Great died in Babylon At the time of the death of Calanus, Alexander, however, did not have any plan to go to Babylon.[13][14] No one understood the meaning of his words "We shall meet in Babylon". It was only after Alexander fell sick and died in Babylon, that the Greeks came to realize what Calanus intended to convey. One ancient account reports that the planning and construction of an appropriate funerary cart to convey the body out from Babylon took two years from the time of Alexander's death.[31] It is not known exactly how the body was preserved for about two years before it was moved from Babylon. On its way back to Macedonia, the funerary cart with Alexander's body was met in Syria by one of Alexander's generals, the future rule ptolemy I Soter. In late 322 or early 321 BC Ptolemy diverted the body to Egypt where it was interred in Memphis, Egypt. In the late 4th or early 3rd century BC Alexander's body was transferred from the Memphis tomb to Alexandria for reburial. It was a tragical day for the people of Mecedonia beacuse of Alexanders death. They needed a ruling king by there side but he sadly died. Alexander became king right after his father Phillip 11 died. Alexander killed people in order to get his throne beacuse he was obbsessed with ruling the kingdom and getting power so it could of been anyone that poisened him. He had a lot of bad people that hated him even the generals and his ex wife’s.