Lake Travis

Austin, Texas


Lake Travis is a beautiful place built for the entire family. As a family you can fish, boat, tube, water ski, paddle board and much more. Come and enjoy the gorgeous view! You and your family will believe you traveled into a different country when glancing upon the breathe taking cliffs and sunsets. Lake Travis is an amazing adventure built for everyone. Take a trip and come visit the wonderful Lake Travis today!

Lake Travis Fish

Lake Travis is a great family friendly place, and a great location for fishing. The top fish found in our lake are the Largemouth Bass which can be caught easily with Topwater baits such as Zara Spooks, Jumping Minnows, Pop-R's, and suspended jerk baits. The White Bass can be found using small spinners, jigs, and crank bait. The Guadalupe Bass and the Striped Bass can be caught using topwater bait and ducktail jigs. Lastly the Channel Catfish are found using stink bait and cut bait.

**present invasive threats to watch out for: Zebra Mussels, Giant Saliva, and Lion fish.

**Endangered Species to be aware of are: Small eyed Shiner, Fountain Darter, and the Whooping Crane.

Our Amazing Fish

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Large Mouth Bass- Length Limit= 14inches & Bag limit = 5 fish per day

Guadalupe Bass- No min length & bag limit= 5 fish per day

White Bass- Length Limit= 10 inches & Bag Limit= 25

Striped Bass- Length= 18 inches & Bag Limit= 5

Channel Catfish- Length= 12 inches & Bag Limit= 25

Licenses IF ($30 Package or $11 One-Day)

  • 17 Years Old
  • Born after January 1, 1931
  • Not mentally disabled

Texas Records

Largemouth Bass: 14.21 lbs., 28", 1/25/93 by James Penny

Guadalupe Bass: 3.69 lbs., 18.25", 9/25/83 by Allen Christenson

White Bass: 2.90 lbs., 17.10", 2/14/05 by Cleve Schuetzeberg

Striped Bass: 30.50 lbs., 42.00", 6/7/90 by Rudolph Cardenas Jr.

Channel Catfish: 16.12 lbs., 30.5", 6/1/04 by Trey Webb

Recent Stocking History is 424,979 size fingerling

ShareLunker Program (Oct. 1-Apr. 30)

  1. Large Mouth Bass weighing 13 lbs.+
  2. Legally caught in Texas Waters
  3. Weighed on certified or legal for trade scales
  4. Fish transferred within 12 hours of capture