Goodbye Stella & Dot. Hi Temple Spa

Jewellery may come and go but shopping lasts a lifetime.

Can we keep in touch?

Thank you for shopping with me in person or online. As you may already know, Stella & Dot is ceasing to trade in the UK and Europe on April 7, and the business will close.

I've always believed that everything happens for a reason - to teach us a lesson, to send us on a different path, or to help us close a chapter and write a better one. Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

It was the sparkle that first attracted me to Stella & Dot, but it was YOU that made me stay! The customers and people I met, the friendships I made, and the fun we had together at style sessions.

To say thank you for shopping with me over the years, you can enjoy 20% off everything on my website and 40% off clothes if you click here

I'd love to keep in touch with you at Temple Spa and say thank you with a free facial for you, and some friends. If you'd prefer not to, that's absolutely fine. Please just click unsubscribe below.

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Caught in a hamster wheel?

Are you caught in the hamster wheel of life - working WAY too hard to take time for yourself?

It may be time to stop and put yourself first. We only get once chance at this incredible life (as I've found recently with tragically losing two people close to me).

Life can be stressful and we truly want Temple Spa to be a positive influence in your life, whether you enjoy a spa treatment, host a skincare class at the home or workplace, or even work with us and become a franchisee.

You may have already shopped with us in Harrods or Selfridges, or perhaps enjoyed a treatment in one of our 60 spas! Perhaps you've tried our range when flying first class with Emirates?

Your free facial !

Not heard of us? Wow you're in for a treat. Would you like a two-hour spa experience at the home or workplace with 6-8 friends? Yes it's free...on me!

You can choose from a menu of treatments or 'classes' - ranging from a 'Pop Up Spa Day' of top-to-toe pampering, to our 'Anti-Ageing Clinic' (who needs Harley Street), 'Red Carpet Studio' (instant glamour before a night out/special occassion), Double Detox (de-stress and restoration to leave you on Cloud 9)...and many more.

All you have to do is email or text below and specify 'day' or 'night' as your preferred time and I'll respond with some available 2 hour appointments for you to choose from. Yes it's free- and something you'd only otherwise receive at Harrods or a luxury spa! (We cover the UK and Northern Ireland).

We just hope you'll fall in love with our brand as much as we have.

In return, for opening up your home or workplace, you'll also get to choose a fabulous spa gift worth at least £75 or more.

The Temple Spa story

I've been asked by many. What attracted me to Temple Spa? It's not just the luxurious skincare that REALLY works. It is THE PEOPLE - I'm truly inspired by Liz and Mark Warom - and they have an incredible story.

Liz built The Body Shop's Colourings range into a £124m global success story and went into business with Richard Branson. Together with husband Mark, she now runs spa and skincare brand Temple Spa, stocked in both Harrods and Selfridges, and used in more than 60 spas in the UK, Greece and Turkey.

More importantly, the business has values that match mine... not JUST our paraben free, organic story. Their philosophy is to "live, breathe and love who you are."

I meet more and more people every day who have fallen out of love with who they are. I want to change that. I want to help YOU create a life that you don't need a vacation from!

If you know of anyone that would like to find out more about Temple Spa - as a business, there may be the rare opportunity to meet Liz Warom herself. This is strictly by invite only, but if you think you may like to get involved with Temple Spa and our business, please contact me and we can discuss your suitability and experience in connection with working for us.