A Path Way To Healthy Living

This is the path way to a healthy life. Eating healthy foods will bring you down the right path but eating unhealthy foods can lead you down the wrong path of life.
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Healthy Foods V.S Unhealthy Foods


So healthy foods help you keep your weight down and your looks on high. Unhealthy food can slowly start to make obese and your looks may go down. Eating healthy food helps your brain be more productive. So say you had a big essay today and you decide to skip breakfast, your brain wont be as productive as if you had breakfast. When people say breakfast is the most important meal of the day they're right. Eating a sugary ceral or a pop tart that not going to help you as much as a bowl of fruit or
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what can happen when you choose the wrong path

When you take the wrong path you end up unhealthy you get fat and you get sick from eating bad things.


When you take the right path you become healthy. Like that saying i'm as a horse

they are as healthy as a horse.

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