By: Beverly Cleary


  • Woodmont
  • Summer
  • 19 hundreds


Jane Purdy is 15 years old. She lives in Woodmont. It is summer and she has a babysitting job. That summer she was determined to meet a boy. One day while she was babysitting the Doggie Diner truck came to the house and a boy walked in. Jane was paralyzed! That night the boy called her and she learned that his name was Stan Crandle. He asked her on a date and after that they went on a date almost every week. Summer came to an end and school started. There is a fall dance coming up. Will Stan ask Jane?


Conflict- Will Stan ask Jane to the fall dance?


I really liked this book because it as easy to relate to. I also really like the way Beverly Cleary writes. I would definitely recommend this book.