Battle of York Town

By Justin Field

This is the American troops bombarding the British fort.


The Battle of Yorktown was known for being the last major battle of the Revolutionary War.

Did you know George Washington was the first American president.

Did you know General Cornwallis was a commander-in-chief-general in Ireland .

Did you know it took 3 days for general Cornwallis to surrender.

The American and France troops more then doubled the British troops.

Next you will read about General Washington

George Washington

First George Washington was born at Bridges Creek. Also General Washington was born on February 22, 1789. Next His father sadly died when Washington was 11.His half brother lived in mount Vernon.That was where Washington lived after the war. George Washingtons dad was a sheriff. That seemes true because Washington became a general. General Washington was elected for president in 1781. Finally General Washington died In December 14,1799. Next you will read about General Cornwallis
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First Did you know it took 3 days of constant bombardment for him to surreneder. Next Cornwallis spoke against taxes which is weird because Britain started the taxes. Make up your mind are you with us or against us. After the war Cornwallis became an Indian general. What a trader and after this he is Irish make up your mind. Did you know Cornwallis said he was sick so he didn't have to surrender. finally he died of a fever on October 5, 1805.He survived a war and dies from a fever. Next you will read about the troops.
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General Cornwallis

About the troops

Did you know that with the American and France troops combined we had 10,000 more troops than the British. Next we mostly beat the British because they had a bad general. Next the British troops that died doubled the American and France deaths. Next if France didn't join us we probably would have lost.Next France were gathering in the Caribean. Finally did you know Britain troops were trained for European warfare. Next you will read the conclusion
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The troops


Now you know more about the Battle of Yorktown. And about General Washington and how he never left his men. And you also know about General Cornwallis. And the British and American troops. Now you know all I know about the battle of Yorktown
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The bombardment


Bombardment To constantly be attacking

Election to be nominated for something

Troops part of an army

Surrender to give up


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