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Happenings in the Young School Library

Adventure Awaits in the Library

It may sound like your students are playing Angry Birds in the library but they are actually being introduced to concepts like sequencing and block coding through Students work at their own pace, and enjoy the challenge.

The library is looking for parent volunteers who are looking for a little excitement in their day by assisting kindergarteners as they explore the wild, wild world of computers. If you would like to be a part of this amazing process, contact Ms. Contrino. All volunteers must have a completed application on file in the office. Kindergarteners are in library for computer on the following days:









Life Hacks to Keep Library Books Safe

Mornings can be hectic for anyone, and trying to find a library book to stick in a backpack when you've remembered it's library day at one minute to Late is never any fun. Instead, set yourself up for success with these tried and true Library Life Hacks.

Set up a "library spot" where the Young School library book can be kept, and your child can find it easily.

Make sure this library spot is out of reach of all pets and toddlers.

Make note of your child's library day on the calendar and put the library book in the backpack (FAR, FAR AWAY FROM THE WATERBOTTLE) the night before.

Notices are generally sent home with students after books have been MIA for a couple of weeks. If you see one of these notices, and the book has been damaged or gone missing, let me know! We can work out a plan for replacing the book.

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Contact Ms. Contrino with any questions, concerns, or insight!