Destination Imagination Update

Week Two

Urgent Cry!

We need TWO more appraisers.

Thank you, Tracie Owen, for being a "tribute" for one team!

I can't register the teams without three appraisers.

Registration is due on the 15th.

And now....the updates you have been waiting for!

Improv: "Obvious DI-straction"

Here's your working document!

The team researched four of their confined spaces:

Research Station in Antarctica

Micro-apartment in Japan

Malapa Fossil Site at the Cradle of Humankind

The London Eye

They also began working a lot better as a team. YAY!

Now...when are you going to meet to be able to get to know each other better socially? Trust is REALLY important for improv.

Fine Arts: the "DI-Brarians"

Our Working Document

Wow! We did a lot of research into the Library of Alexandra and the year 48 BC.

We have three suspects for who burned the library. This isn't the typical "Blame Julius Caesar" crew. Nope! Instead, they have three siblings to consider:

Cleopatra--she lit the fire by accident when preparing a romantic candlelit dinner there for her and Julius Caesar.

Her younger sister, Arsinoe-- she lit the fire in part out of jealousy of Cleopatra and in part out of a revolt against Julius Caesar to preserve Alexandria for the Alexandrians.

Their younger brother, Ptolemy XIII-- he felt betrayed by his sister for flirting with the enemy, and he thought that a fire might distract Julius Caesar from the family's mounting debts.

This week, you are telling your stories on the document!!!

Science: "Deadly DI-seases"

Our new working document:

We have our camouflaged life form!

This team didn't want to choose anything easy, so they decided to go for...

Drum Roll please...


In the words of the team:

"Tuberculosis is a dangerous germ. It can do camouflage when the blood cells around it make a shell around it out of a material called calcium. When the person gets sick or something, the germ comes out and turns into more germs. That is how it hides in people. It uses its camouflage to hide so fighting cells cannot detect it. Then it hurts people."

This week, the team should start beginning to VISUALIZE their skit/scenery/costumes. Later this month or next month, you should also plan to meet outside of DI time to make items. You may want to start scheduling that now!