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Miss Roberts * Stoy School * May 11, 2015


This is the final week for our unit on changes. We have read many interesting selections and talked about how they relate to the Big Idea, “Living Things Change Over Time.” The living things in question this week are Plants. We are going to explore the question, “What steps would you take to plant a garden?” In the fantasy story, How Groundhog’s Garden Grew,” we will find out how Squirrel helps Groundhog with his vegetable garden. In the informational text Super Soil, we’ll learn how soil helps plants grow.

Target Vocabulary: sprouting, crops, blossomed, underneath, fortunate, drooping, promised, harmful

Phonics Skills: words with /aw/: au, aw, ai, o, a

Vocabulary Strategy: Using context

Comprehension Skill: Sequence of events – tell the order in which things happen

Comprehension Strategy: Monitor/clarify – find ways to figure out what doesn’t make sense


This week, the students will continue to transfer their notes to draft. The second graders will use headings to organize their reports, choose text features to add and write paragraphs about the areas of research. Once the drafts are complete, the students will reread their reports, revise them and edit them prior to writing their final copy.


Lesson 10-5: Estimating and Finding Exact Costs

  • Calculating exact money amounts and share solution strategies
  • Solving money number stories using a calculator
  • Estimating money amounts
Lesson 10-6: Making Change
  • Writing money amounts in dollars-and-cents notation
  • Counting up to make change
  • Estimating and sharing solution strategies for finding change
  • Vocabulary – counting up to make change

Lesson 10-7: Exploring Area, Polygons, and Geo-board Fractions

  • Dividing shapes to model fractions as equal parts of a region or collection
  • Finding area by counting square centimeters on grid paper
  • Model polygons using pattern blocks and geo-boards

Social Studies

We will begin our week learning about the past. The students will be introduced to the word "History." The will recognizing various sources of information that historians use; people, places and artifacts. We will use Ft. Myers, Florida as an example to help understand how a community changes. Inventions and technology help change how a community works.

We will also revisit two reading strategies and see how relate to history; prediction and cause and effect. By using details from the past, people can predict what may happen when certain events repeat themselves. In addition, knowing what causes something to happen can help people decide what to do today and help them make plans for the future.

Happy Mother's Day to ALL of our 2R Moms!

Thank You

Thank you for the beautiful teacher appreciation cards, flowers, gifts, and goodies! I am fortunate to be teaching in such a wonderful community. I love teaching our Second Graders!

Happy Birthday

May 16th - Julian Craft


May 12th - Walking Trip to Edison School for a Pen Pal lunch and Rock Doc!

May 12th - Student Council Pretzel Sale after school

May 12th – May 14th – 3rd & 4th grades will be taking the End of Year PARCC Tests. Some special schedules may change slightly

May 15th - Half Day - Teacher In-service; bring a snack

May 15th - W.E.B. Project Presentations

May 15th - Book orders due