Make Funeral Planning Easy

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Let's be honest....making funeral arrangements is never easy. The 3 most common questions families ask after experiencing a loved one's death is (Funeral Guides, 2015):

1) What do we do next?

2) What kind of funeral/burial/cremation/memorial arrangements do we prepare?

3) How do we pay for the funeral costs/arrangements?

Eternal Rest Funeral Home offers multiple funeral arrangements including the two most common arrangements, including a traditional funeral and cremation (Ropchan, J. 2015). A traditional funeral involves burying the body including in addition to a memorial before or after the burial (Ropchan, J. 2015). Cremation can also include a memorial prior to cremation. Cremation is becoming more common in the United States (Ropchan, J. 2015).

When choosing a funeral home it's important to consider the facility, their costs, and ensure they are able to meet your religious and cultural needs (Ropchan, J. 2015). Eternal Rest strives to ensure our facility is 100% up to date year round. We also understand that all cultures are different which is why we cater to all family needs.

Need financial support? Eternal Rest offers payment plans to help those families in need.


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Caskets & Ash Holders

What separates us from the rest? Here at Eternal Rest Funeral Home, we make custom caskets and ash holders. Know someone who loved golf, pets, the beach, etc.? We can make a casket or ash container specifically for that.