The Holocaust


1940 Key Dates

-January 25: Nazis chose the town of Oswiecim (Auschwitz) Poland as home of a new concentration camp

-February 12: First deportation of Jews into Poland

-May 10: Nazis invade France, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg

Auschwitz Concentration Camp

-In May 1940, the first prisoners arrived

-Was first constructed to hold Polish political prisoners

-First Execution of prisoners didn't take place until the following year in September


-Ghettos were set up to separate Jews from the rest of the population

-In the 1940's many were sealed off from the outside world

-Lodz Ghetto was sealed off on April 30 (contained 230,000 Jews)

-Krakow Ghetto was sealed off in November (70,000 Jews)

-Warsaw Ghetto was sealed off November 15 (400,000 Jews)

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1941 Key Dates

-September 3: Auschwitz first tests Zyklon-B gas

-September 1: German Jews are ordered to wear the Star of David

-December 11: Hitler declares war on the United States

-March 7: German Jews are ordered into forced labor

-June: Kimmler orders the Final Solution; Auschwitz is used for this purpose