October Faculty Meeting

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Grade Change Process

Often, Instructors will come across a student that reaches out after final grades have been entered and asks for an extension, or simply the opportunity to re-submit one or two assignments. We have heard that most instructors have been rigid with their answer, stating that once final grades are in, nothing can be done to change that grade.

It is important to note that we want our instructors to be fair and equitable, but also flexible, and give students the option to submit work outside of an incomplete and after a course has closed. For instance, if you have a student that did not submit his/her final Portfolio Project, in week 7 or 7.5, he/she may not notice the zero grade until after the course or 15 week semester has closed.

In this case, if the student were to approach you, you can tell them that they are able to submit the work and you will grade it. Then you would contact your Program Manager, to give them the information, so that the Program Manager, in turn, can notify the Academic Advisor of the situation. Once the missing assignments are submitted and graded, you will fill out the Grade Change Form, which can be found in the Faculty Information Center, so that the students’ grade can be updated.

As you can see, both of these outlined processes give the Instructors a bit more flexibility in dealing with student issues that may arise during the course. If you have further questions, please reach out to your Program Manager for clarification.

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